Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission

Meals on Wheels and More, with the assistance of volunteers, helps elderly and disabled residents of North York maintain their independence by providing them with affordable, supportive services, whether at home or in the community.

Our vision

All community residents enjoy access to community support services which allow them to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life

Our values

Meals on Wheels and More believes in:

  • Supporting and improving the quality of life or area residents by utilizing volunteers in the delivery of supportive, non-profit community services;
  • Providing practical, reliable, and safe programs using a client-centred approach; and
  • Maintaining a health promotion/wellness perspective with an emphasis on self-reliance and choice.

Meals on Wheels and More values the input of all community members and is pleased to share our Community Engagement plan so that we can be accountable and transparent with stakeholders in our community.

Clients' Bill of Rights

We are committed to respecting and ensuring our clients receive the care they deserve. Please click the below file to read our Clients' Bill of Rights.

Clients' Bill of Rights Download