Our Leadership

Meals on Wheels and More has a volunteer Program Advisory Committee that provides ongoing strategic advice, leadership and direction:

  • Rose Pirone (Committee Chair, board member of Better Living at Thompson House)
  • Angela Finkel (Meal Delivery Volunteer)
  • Rossana Fung (Meal Delivery Volunteer)
  • Ezra Isaacson (Meal Delivery Volunteer)
  • Beth Stern (Staff)

Meals on Wheels and More is part of Better Living at Thompson House. The current board members are:

  • John Cockerill (President)
  • Sam Chinniah (Vice President)
  • Paul Dunlop
  • Eleanor Ferguson
  • Carol Hamilton
  • Marjorie Hiley
  • Robert Horne
  • Lorna Krawchuk
  • William Krever
  • Rose Pirone
  • David Lipton
  • Bonnie West

For our staff list, please visit our contact us page.